SPHERES is a translocal manifestation of the Divine through fashion and art, conceptually rooted in the Hermetic Tree of Life. Subscribe for updates.



Daryna Ou (Fashion Director)
Nela Kalpic (Assistant Fashion Dir.)
ReThreads (stylist)
UpShift (stylist)
Dawn Marie-Svanoe (body paint & costume)
Hannah Janko-Barrios (makeup concepts)
Madison Aveda Institue (hair & makeup)
Jennika Bastian (crown sculpture)
Sophie Shapeless (fire headdress & costume)
Julia Barton (seamstress)


Pete Rabenstine (Malkuth)
Olivia Pragar (Yesod)
Simon Smith (Hod)
Quentin Scott (Netzach)
Lauren Lenz (Tiphareth)
Tina DeLane (Geburah)
Naveen Vk (Chesed)
Sashe Mishur (Da’ath)
Sophie Shapeless (Da’ath)
Leona Harper (Binah)
Landon DeVon (Chokmah)
Micah Dombroe (Kether)


DJ Heather (music)
DJ UMI (music)
Sophie Shapeless (dance)
Kobby Brewoo (dance)
Megan Winger (dance)
Fractaled Visions (live visuals)
Jennika Bastian (live painting)


Aaron Laux Design (DJ table)
Birds Eye Projections (LED wall)
Sarah Akawa (lights & logistics)
Art Gecko (decor)
Hedi LaMarr Photography (photography)
Jacob Koch (photography)
Damien Blue (videography)
Emmet Hayes (graphic design)
Gabe Oviawe (graphic design & photography)
MC Audio (sound & lights)


Dane Arts (artist funding)
Arts Wisconsin (artist fiscal agency)
Lochlan Masters (volunteer extraordinaire)
Ross Kelley (volunteer extraordinaire)
Badger Herald (media)
Madison Masonic Temple (venue)
East Madison Community Center (rehearsal space)
Thirsty Goat (promo)
Miss Monique (music contributions)

So much gratitude goes out to everyone that was involved with the first SPHERES experience in 2018. Thank you to all the beautiful people that made it possible, getting their hands and hearts dirty with some aspect of the production. $20K+ was allocated to artists and their craft, and we look forward to continuing the story and impact…

SPHERES has been designed by BG Creative to explore and apprehend the Hermetic Tree of Life. Reproduction, whole or in part, is welcomed and encouraged to further the learning of all. Please tag @enterspheres and use #spheres

It is the duty of all living things to produce some truly constructive labor as recognition of the divine life which is within them.