Kether is the Sphere of self sufficiency, containment and concealment. It is the acorn that is seen as the unmanifested mighty oak, or the exact moment that acceleration and inertia are perfectly equal. It is the pattern of all things residing in their untapped potential, like the cosmic egg held in the Serpent’s coils. Its perpetuating spark ignites the Light of all.


Chokmah is the Sphere of direction and of the primal motion still pushing the Universe apart. It is the flame of all those who appear foolish through their carelessness, but also the secret formulae that gives the daring their confidence to leap. It is the unstoppable pull of the stars on the planets, and of those ideas that change lifeforms on them.


Binah is the Sphere of silence and the indifference of decay from the passing of time. It is responsible for the feelings that arise when contemplating the vastness of space or the futility of our endeavors against the spectre of death. However, it is also that which makes small things seem precious, and to some, a cold comfort from daily frivolities.


Da’ath is the Sphere of primordial Nothingness and the gateway to Nirvana. Its subliminal chasm is the leap the soul must take before uniting with the Supernal Triad. All things manifest are distilled abstractions of its Knowledge, like riddles left to solve by those who orient themselves on the Mystical Path. Liberation and loneliness both end and begin here.


Chesed is the Sphere of growth and abundance. Confirmed by blessings of the Immaculate Sun, here is the realm of the benevolent ruler watching over a vast and prosperous empire. The patterns that it propagates are responsible for the rise of great civilizations, and for those who cultivate its influence, its energies bestow a virtuous cycle of bountiful living. 


Geburah is the Sphere of martial force that brings the powers of restriction and destruction to bear. It is the volcanic intensity under which the chaff and wheat are separated. Just as the mighty river must be restrained by the dam in order for the power of its electricity to be harnessed, so must our Will if we are to wield the celestial fire granted by the Most High.


Tiphareth is the Sphere at the center of the Tree of Life. In one respect it is the Sun at the center of the solar system, and in another the soulful center of mankind. It is the energetic fulcrum behind the balancing of unseen proportions, as well as the beauty exemplified in every form of manifested perfection. Its throne is home to the Sacred Heart.


Netzach is the Sphere where the devoted pine and artist paints. Its merciful energies manifest in the emotions that color the human experience. Through everlasting encouragement, teammates and countrymen achieve what would otherwise be impossible for the single soul to accomplish. Here the Hero’s Journey begins at eternal depths. 


Hod is the Sphere of language and numbers in their most primary function. Within it exists every pattern of classification and method of comparison, as it is the calculus by which all things come into independent existence. Starships and the melancholies of music are evidence of its rigid eloquence. It is the ruler of travel, communication and all things mercurial.


Yesod is the Sphere culminating in the creation of all things. The tallest skyscrapers and most ornate cathedrals were first conceived in its mists before breaking the inevitable dirt of where they stand. Euclid’s perfect forms exist here, as do all of mankind’s hopes and dreams. With lips of penultimate silence might its timeless vault of treasure be unlocked.


Malkuth is the Sphere where the energies of all the other Spheres manifest, fully receiving and reflecting the finality of Kether’s equanimity. Through its temporal forms, all is witnessed. It is the stage to the actor and the drafting table to the architect, raising up every landscape with its touch. Upon its grand foundation, those who reach for the firmament stand.

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…